11 Effective Ways to Lose Obesity/Weight Naturally at Home 2018

11 Effective Ways To Lose Obesity Naturally At Home 2018
16 Oct

Obesity is a condition in which a lot of fat gets accumulated in the body specially to the abdominal area. It usually occurs when a person eat more than its required need consistently and she/he is not involved in any physical activity to burn these excessive calories.Hence we brought to you 11 Effective Ways To Lose Obesity Naturally At Home 2018.

In today’s busy life, people do not care about their fitness and they easily effected by obesity. If you are not fit and fine you may be affected by many diseases .

Obesity causes many diseases like diabetes, osteoarthritis, sleep etc. Obesity is usually due to high intake of food and  lack of regular physical exercises, this problem is also seen with the suspicion of having a genetic problem.

We can see many children of different age groups are also suffering from this problem. This is because of their improper diet which they take. The fat is also because of their habit of  eating junk food.

An institute study in 2008 suggested that junk food consumption alters brain activity in a manner similar to addictive drugs like cocaine and heroin.

Junk food have much calories, to burn these calories physical activities are compulsory. But we see that children were spending their lot of time on electronic gadgets.

Electronic gadgets will not helpful to burn calories. So, it is better to do field related activities to burn calories rather than sending your time on electronic gadgets.

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Symptoms of Obesity


Obesity affects your body as well as you. Many of us think that having a thicker layer on skin is not a big thing, but there are many serious consequences. Like deep breathing and lots of sweating in doing small tasks, swelling in different parts of body, sleeping less then usual.

Obesity affects mental and psychologically and its symptoms can be seen as lacking of confidence. you cannot focus on your work. you feel tired after doing small task. Apart from this obesity increase the likelihood type 2 diabetes. It also increase the chance of getting heart disease.


Causes of Obesity


  • Due to Unbalanced Diet

The food which we eat gives us energy to do Physical activity. If we not do physical activity weight gain will result. You have to burn the calories which you are getting from the food that you eat otherwise they will store in form of fat in your body.

How many calories you need each day depends on your age,gender,body size and activities level.

  • Due to Genetics

We see some people not loosing weight after doing hundreds of effort. This is because of heredity. There are some rare Genetics condition that can cause obesity. certain genetics traits inherited from the parents.

Many cases where obesity runs in families may be due to environmental factors such as poor eating habits learned during childhood.

  • Lack of Physical activities

As we all knew that many peoples have job that involves sitting at a desk most of the day. After the job people use their cars or bike to reach their destination. People were busy to watch TV, browse on internet or playing computer games when they are free. People don’t do any physical activity in their whole day.

If you are not doing any physical activity, you do not use the energy provided by the food you eat and extra calories are stored as a fat in the body. So, do Physical activity at-least for 1 hour daily to reduce your fat and if you are not obsess than do to maintain your fitness.

  • Due to Insomnia

Many people do not sleep as they did usually because of work burden. School and colleges student also face this problem due to their assignment, projects, home work or exams. A 6 hours sleep is necessary for human being to make their metabolism work properly.


Energy Requirement of Individual


The daily energy requirement is evaluated by adding Basal Energy Requirement (BER) with Extra Energy Requirement(EER). The energy value is measured in heat unit called calorie or kilocarlorie. One calorie raises the temperature to one degree of one gram.

The Basal Energy Requirement(BER) is calculated by multiplying by body weight in kg by 24 hours with 1.3 Cal. As 1.3 calorie is required per kilogram, per hour of BER i.e.

1.3 Cal x body weight in kg x 24 hours

If a person is with body weight is 60 kg then BER is

1.3 Cal x 60 kg x 24 hours = 1872 Calorie per day

The Extra Energy Requirement(EER) is calculated by multiplying the body weight in kg by hours of training with 8.5 Cal. As 8.5 Cal i required per kilogram of per hour of EER. If person with body weight 60 kg perform 2 hours training then Extra Energy Requirement is

8.5 Cal x 60 kg x 2 hours = 1020 Calories for two hour training

Thus, total Energy Requirement of a person with 60 kg body weight with 2 hours training workout in a day is

BER + EER = 1872 Cal + 1020 Cal = 2892 Calorie.


11 Effective Ways To Lose Obesity Naturally At Home 2018


  • Balanced diet

obese person should strictly take balanced diet with very less amount of carbohydrates and fats.

  • Eating lot of Fibrous food

Food items like fruits, salad,vegetables etc., are rich source of fibrous food. Food with high fibre content provide vitamins and minerals to the body. they are low energy food and thus prevent obesity.

  • Avoid fats 

avoid fried foods. Direct fats like butter cream ghee animal fats etc., should not be taken. for the sake of taste, only refined oil should be used for cooking.

  • Physical activity

An obese person should regularly perform physical activity, and avoid sedentary lifestyle.

  • Avoid junk food

Junk food is a high calorie food. Moreover, it causes many health problems. The food item having high calories must be avoided by obese people.

  • Drink Water

Drink lots of water, it prevents acidity and reduces the stress over kidney and stomach; moreover, it helps in cleaning the body waste.

  • Medicine only by Doctor’s Advice

Always consult a doctor before taking any medicine. If you have any health related problem then follow the advice or prescription of doctor.

  • Avoid Drinking

Obese person should strictly avoid drinking. Because alcoholic drinks are usually said to contain an excessive amount of empty calories with no real nutritional value.

  • Meals in small shifts

The diet should be taken in small shifts after some interval of time rather than big heavy meals.

  • Do not Fast

Sometime people do not eat o reduce weight. this lead to serious problem like tinting, convulsion(pain), headache etc.

  • Never try slimming pills

These low graded medicines and they are poison to body. The effects of these pills very harmful to body. More health related problems can affect you by taking slimming pills. So we should never try any slimming pills or drugs to loose weight.



Not doing physical activity of living sedentary lifestyle tends obesity. We have to burn the calories which we get from food otherwise the will store in the body in form of fat. Obese person have to balanced their diet if they want to loose the weight. Obese people have to fix their calories and take according to their requirement.